How & Why to Refer Friends & Peers

How Your Referrals Make a Greater Impact?

Our referral family is all about creating a greater impact and legacy as a tribe!

Last year your referrals put shoes on over 150 children.

This year our goal is to double that and put 300 shoes on children who desperately need them!! 

Every referral makes an impact!

How can you participate in the magic?

For every referral you make we donate a pair of shoes…whether they sign-up or not!

What are the benefits for you?

  • 25% of your investment back for every referral who joins our referral family!!!
  • Golden Ticket
  • Custom curated gifts, vacation raffles, rev share, free coaching
  • And much more…

What are the benefits for the people you introduce?


  • Paid courses for free
  • $1k+ friends & family savings
  • Special Access to bonus calls w/Chad
  • Additional month of coaching & support for free
  • and much more…

How to Do It

Open a group chat with Chad & use this message or your own:

Hey Name & Chad, I wanted to introduce you to each other.

Name, this is the referral expert I was telling you about. He’s doing crazy things with referrals right now and I thought you might like to hear more about it.

Chad, Name is a friend of mine who crushes it and I know you can help them activate their client base even more. Please give them the same VIP treatment you have me.

I’ll let you two take it from here. Please let me know if either of you need anything in the meantime

Or, just click the refer a friend button below, fill out the info and we’ll make it easy & reach out for you👍