Our Internal Referrals and Retention Referral Program




create impact and legacy

How we can make an impact?

Our referral family is all about creating impact and legacy as a tribe!

Last year (2020) we worked together to put shoes on over 150 children who desperately needed them.

We’re on a mission to double that number this year!! 

How can you participate in the magic?

We will donate a pair of shoes for every introduction you make to a friend or peer…whether or not they sign-up!

How Can You Leave a Legacy?

A simple introduction can create a ripple effect that is difficult to quantify. Not only can it lead someone to training and support that can change their business forever, but it can increase their confidence in their ability to impact their clients and their families.

Nothing can deepen a relationship more than a recommendation to something that can impact them at such a high level. They will be grateful that you care enough about them and their success!

Besides the direct impact you are having on your friends and peers, they too will likely refer other people, thus creating the ripple effect and legacy that started with you.

What are the benefits for you?

We have decided to put the majority of our advertising dollars into our referral program because we want to grow this referral tribe  together with you. Rather than spending money on cold advertising, we’d rather reinvest it into you and your friends and peers that you introduce to us.


Here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • 1/2 of your investment back (quickstart bonus)
  • Custom Painted AirForce One’s (Top 5 Shoe Artist)
  • Events
  • Vacations
  • Rev Share
  • Free Coaching
  • And much more…

What are the benefits for the people you introduce?

Not only are we going to take care of you when you introduce us to your peers, but we’re also going to roll out the red carpet for them and make sure that whether we work together or not, they’re going to thank you for caring enough to make an intro. 

Each person you refer will get special access to:

  • Paid courses for free
  • $1k+ friends & family savings
  • Special Access to bonus calls
  • Additional month of coaching/support for free
  • and much more…

Why is referring others so important?

Referrals give you the opportunity to be a leader in your tribe and serve others. Your peers aren’t competition when it comes to referrals and without you, they may never learn these simple referral secrets and strategies.

  • Don’t worry whether or not they have money for the program…let’s get it on their radar now.
  • Don’t worry whether timing is perfect or not…let’s get it on their radar now.
  • Don’t worry whether they’ll be mad at you for asking (hint: they’ll actually trust and respect you more for caring enough about them to ask) 
  • If they ask the price, let them know I offer different packages and that we can find a way to make it work for them.